About Me

Who I Am

 I have been repairing furniture for more than a decade. Before going into business on my own I worked for Bob Mills Furniture for about 10 years, as well as taught others at a local vocational school in OKC. Right now I work to help people restore their damaged furniture, whether that is because of a recent move or because they are looking to return a family heirloom to peak condition. I also work with several family-owned furniture stores in the metro area. 

How I Approach the Job

I pride myself on looking at a piece of work as not just a job to be done, but as an opportunity to show how much artistry is involved in the craft of repair. I understand the sentimental value of furniture and strive to keep those pieces intact for your family. Because of this, many of the jobs I take on are considered traditionally "unfixable." However, I've found these repairs can be made when approached with patience and an artistic eye. 

Deal With Me Directly

no I work on my own, so I am able to give your furniture the attention it deserves, and I enjoy this more personalized approach. This also means I am able to work on site many times to complete minor repairs. Since I keep such a small work environment, it is important to call before trying to come over if you are planning on dropping off furniture. This way you can ensure that I am available to meet you and not out working on a repair mi

Contact Me

Email or text pictures of your issue for a quote

call:  Justin Gant 405-625-4339

email:  jgant@thefurniturefixers.com


Furnitue repair serving in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas


By Appointment only. I will work around your schedule, but be sure to call ahead. I am sometimes on the road doing on-site repairs. 

Weekend appointments are also available

Minor repairs can be done on site